This is me, Monica, from Barcelona and happy on a cruise in Chobe river. My first safari was not in Africa, it was some years ago in Yala National Park in Sri Lanka, but that moment I knew I had to go to Africa, the safari bug had bitten me. It wasn't until some years after that I went to Botswana for the first time. I discovered a passion for wildlife and photography and safari life. Those mornings in Khwai being woken up in the tent by the hippo in the river, my eyes half closed in the jeep in Savuti until a lion appears walking and roaring next to us, all the excitement of a gamedrive, the leopard climbing the tree, the elegant giraffes, beautiful impalas, elephants having a mud bath, lions hunting, a lilac breasted roller posing for us... and sundowners with the African sunset in the background and those stories by the fire. Do you want to come with me?

I'm choosing the best operators for our safari. Best local guides, best host photographers and the best parks and locations to have the best wildlife experience.  Your safari will also be my safari, and I want the best for myself!

Sure you are thinking it's a difficult time for tourism and travelling. Covid-19 has hit the whole world and the impact it is having in Africa, on the wildlife and its population is huge. People working in wildlife areas and tourism are struggling and fighting for survival. So, how can we help? Just doing something we love. Let's go on safari again! Let's get ready to travel!

Let's go back to the bush!